We specialize in providing reliable equipments for rent on hourly, daily, weekly and monthly rates. Each of the equipment we supply come with the required certification and certified operator. We provide a wide range of equipments for construction and earth moving activities.

Mobile cranes
Fork lifts
Bull dozers


State of Qatar or the boom city is seeing colossal growth. This rapid growth calls for a massive need of quality human resource, to support the growth Group 10 International offers to provide works force in all sectors.

Skilled labor
Unskilled labor
Semiskilled labor


Group 10 International offers various transport solutions for the vast industry catering to their Water supply, Sewage removal, Dust control water supply, Materials transportation etc. Our field of services also include Washed sand, Dune sand, Gabro and materials related to land filling.
We are providing skip loaders having different lift capacities with many different bed lengths to suit the chassis requirements available today.

Sweet water supply
Waste water management
Dust control water supply
Skip loader


We supply sand for construction sites such as washed sand, dune sand, we also supply gabro and sub base for roadworks. Subbase can be supplied from our crusher to the QSC requirements.

Dune Sand
Washed Sand
Sub Base